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The Stihl 026 is one of Stihl’s most popular models, renowned for its light weight and powerful cutting action. Weighing in at just about 11 pounds, the Stihl 026 is a favorite of arborists, landscapers, lumberjacks, and more – one of the most popular chainsaws ever made, period, and popular with good reason. The Stihl 026 has been around for several decades, and many of the original saws are still in operation today.

For those looking to repair their Stihl 026, bringing an old model back to life or maintaining their current model, Sawzilla Parts offers a full line of Stihl 026 parts. From complete cylinder assemblies to the common Stihl 026 carburetor replacement, and even minor parts such as gaskets and handles, you’ll find everything you need for your Stihl 026 at Sawzilla Parts. All products are made from the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specification.

The Stihl 026 underwent a rebrand in 2001, and is now sold as the Stihl MS260 Pro. Most Stihl MS260 parts will fit the 026 model – aside from a few minor design changes, both saws are identical. The biggest differences between the two variants is the engine displacement and chain oiler – so be aware of those differences when ordering your Stihl 026 Pro Parts. Engine parts will vary now and then. Sawzilla Parts carries engine components for both models.

The right parts make all the difference in any machinery – Sawzilla Parts is the best in aftermarket Stihl parts. With thousands of satisfied customers, we’re excited to help you through your next repair. Please feel free to browse the selection of Stihl 026 chainsaw parts above and find what you need to keep you and your Stihl 026 chopping through the competition.