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Best way to clean a chainsaw carburetor

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Welcome To The Blog! Enjoy!

 We want to start off by saying welcome to the blog! Thanks for stopping by to check up on us. Stick around for useful tips and maybe you'll learn something new if you read...

Today, we want to talk critical problems with carburetors To start, we at Sawzilla Parts have information we'd like to share with our customers and readers. Did you know that the number one problem we run into in the shop revolves around fuel issues?

That's not all folks; Sawzilla Parts gets asked a few questions every now and then by some of our customers, so let's switch over to a FAQ session real quick..

FAQ#1: What is the best way to clean a carburetor?

There are a few ways to clean a carburetor. For starters, you can go to the store and pick up a cleaning kit of some sort. You can also try a homemade concoction if you'd like. Remember, whether you decide to use the store bought method or the homemade one, we want to warn you to be careful with the carburetor!

FAQ#2: What is the safest way to clean a carburetor?

When wanting to clean a carburetor, we advise you to use caution to avoid damaging said carburetor. When we started cleaning small engines like this, we used a simple yet effective method of gasoline and a brush. However, changed over to mineral spirits as well as a brush. In fact, this ties in nicely with our next bit of info.

Did you know that Walbro, a carburetor manufacturer, highly recommends their customers to use the mineral spirits and brush method? After all, who would know about cleaning a carburetor better than the carburetor manufacturer themselves?

Mineral spirits can be purchased at any hardware store. In fact, our growing business is changing the way we clean carburetors, so that it is both effective and efficient. Recently, we have made an investment towards an ultrasonic machine; this has been by far the best and most economical method for us. Currently, we are using an Omeagaclean solution made by omegasonics This specific design is used to clean carburetors; it contains buffers to protect aluminum. Oh, and did we mention its eco-friendly? No worries there!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! We hope to hear good questions, so why not contact us, and your question can be featured right here in the blog! Stay tuned for more!

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