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Nines Limited Warranty

WHAT IS COVERED: NINES provides lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Warranty will remain valid only if it is being brought forth by the original purchaser with proof of purchase from an authorized Nines dealer that clearly labels the date of purchase. Nines does not cover any lens scratches under warranty. Any form of product alteration including installation of lenses not produced by Nines will void this warranty. Nines reserves the right to be the sole determining factor on all repair or replacement warranty cases. This warranty does not affect the legal rights of customers under applicable state or national laws governing the sale of consumer goods.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Lens cleaning solutions are approved for Nines Sharp Vision lenses. Otherwise, gently use mild soap and water. Always dry after rinsing with the microfiber bag/cloth included.

MAKING A WARRANTY CLAIM:  Fill out online warranty claim form.

WARNINGS: Nines eyewear is not designed to protect the wearer from high impact with hard objects. Sunglasses are not designed to be used as industrial safety equipment unless otherwise specified.

Nines eyewear is not meant to be used to stare directly into the sun of for protection against artificial light sources.