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Stihl 029, 039 Parts & MS290, MS390 Parts

How many people can say that their chainsaw is still running in perfect shape after 20 years of use? Probably someone who owns Stihl's best-selling chainsaw: the legendary MS290 Stihl Farm Boss. This strong, affordable saw is ideal for farming, ranching and overall landscaping applications because its design makes it simple to use for longer periods of time. Its classic predecessor, the Stihl 029 Super saw, first came out in the 1990s, and the new models feature an anti-vibration system, a patented bar-lubrication system to regulate and minimize oil usage, automatic bar and chain lubrication, an advanced chain-brake system, and many more awesome features.

Some of the most important spare Stihl MS290 parts to have on hand are spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters, especially, if you are using your saw professionally. This saw has been helping people obliterate their competition and we want to help you keep doing it. Additional MS290 parts available here include: cylinders, pistons, crankshafts, handle housing and tune-up kits. We have many Stihl 029 parts as well for regular maintenance. Browse through our collection of high-quality Stihl 029 parts that include flywheels, carburetors, starter cover assemblies, oil pumps, mufflers and clutch assemblies.

The MS390 petrol chainsaw from the Stihl family of products offers an engine displacement 64.1cc with a power output of 3.4kw. Weighing 5.9kg without fuel, bar or chain, the machine has been ergonomically styled for maximum operator comfort. Regardless, of which of these machines you are searching parts for, Sawzilla Parts has a large selection to fit your needs.